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Our mission is to provide beautiful, responsibly made furniture that 

benefits both the community in which it is made and in which it is 

cherished. From working with our Indonesia-based artisans who handcraft the individual pieces, to our valued customers who enjoy them at a 

reasonable price, we are committed to providing designs tailored to 

changing needs, with logistic service.



We are passionate about the transfer of artisan skills from generations and the recognition and respect of the brands whose products we produce, to create a supportive ecosystem. 



We use an international approach to accommodate our customers’ passion for interior style, constantly developing our furniture and soft furnishings to keep up with the trend.


Logistic service

With the help of our long term forwarder partners, we provide services from ex-work to door-to-door with assistance on custom clearance and inland delivery.


As the second generation of a family that has designed and created furniture for more than 35 years, we care deeply about continuing that work. Like our predecessors before us, we are passionate about furniture that supports people and places. We set our production base in Indonesia and often meet with the furniture makers to ensure their safety and health because to us that’s the most important thing.


We choose factories that empower local communities through reforestation initiatives and related education programs. As a commitment to supporting communities and local heritage, our partners largely use handcraftsmanship, ensuring that skills continue to be passed down to young carpenters for their professional development. And, by promoting select brands, we aim to help businesses thrive with passion and receive recognition.

Modern Architecture



One of a kind

Select from our brands or design your own furniture. In and outdoor furniture for hotels, restaurants, and more.


Your Trusted Partner

Purchase quality furniture and home goods for your business with your brand identity.


Vaious Selections

Select items from our brands and become our stockist today.

Japanese Interior
Heddi Mackenzie

Born and raised in Berlin, Germany, Heddi has spent most of her grown years living and working in the Asia Pacific region. After earning a BA from FU Berlin and her first overseas assignment for a fashion company in Indonesia, Heddi moved to Melbourne to take a master’s degree in International Business.


Heddi has extensive work experience from a global FMCG company in various marketing and sales roles, starting off in Berlin as a management trainee before moving to Singapore to spend over 5 years in their APAC headquarters. 


Now based in Tokyo, she is a specialist in international business and branding projects.

Alicia Naruse

Born in Taiwan to a successful furniture producer and raised in the US, Alicia's passion for art led her to become a student at Pratt Institute, New York in 2008. She majored in Industrial Design and learned to design various products - from tabletops to transportations.


Internships at various interior & furniture design firms in New York City helped her shape an extensive understanding of the industry before returning to Taiwan to work in the family’s business. 


Since 2012, Alicia has designed and developed new products using her unique sense of interior trend, her ideation skills, and her 2D drafting and 3D rendering skills. 


In 2015, Alicia started a creative design business in Tokyo, Japan.


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